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AtmanAVR C/C++ Integrated Development Environment includes ProjectWizard, CodeWizard, Workspace, Output, Text editor, Binary editor, Debugger, Programmer and so on. It works with the  GCC compiler for Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers providing visual and modular programming.

The Text Editor has several features to simplify the process of writing and editing code. Such as to debug a variable or expression, to list members, to complete word, to display parameter information...

AtmanAVR supports different Project Types for the production of C/C++ executable programs and libraries. An AtmanAVR workspace can contain multiple projects and their Debug and Release configurations.

  • AtmanAVR C/C++ IDE 6.0.5 Released.
  • AtmanAVR C/C++ IDE 6.0.4 Released.
  • AtmanAVR C/C++ IDE 6.0.3 Released.
  • AtmanAVR C/C++ IDE 6.0.2 Released.
  • AtmanAVR C/C++ IDE 6.0.1 Released.
  • AtmanAVR C/C++ IDE 6.0.0 Released.
  • AtmanAVR C IDE 5.8.6 Released.

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