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Version History

AtmanAvr 6.0.6 - Released: 16.Jan 2021

  1. Fixed: ProjectWizard ATmega328p interrupt vector name
  2. Fixed: Pop-up Menu ChangeHot behavior
  3. Fixed: ProjectWizard AT90PWM316/216 ADC interrupt control bit
  4. Improved: Upgrade USB driver libusb-win32
  5. Fixed:"Check New Version Online" failed.

AtmanAvr 6.0.5 - Released: 03.Dec 2012

  1. Fixed: Debugger crash when debug a no RAM device.
  2. Fixed: AVR ISP mkII freezes when program odd bytes to FLASH.
  3. Fixed: ProjectWizard AT90PWM316/216 interrupt vector name TIMER0_COMP_A_vect.
  4. Fixed: ProjectSetting Release Configuration default Optimizations change to -OS.
  5. Fixed: DebugRestart crash when items expanded on Watch Window.
  6. Fixed: DebugContinue crash when Watch Window is not empty.
  7. Fixed: Watch Window mousewheel does not update the items.
  8. Fixed: Debugger crash when it deactive if the Watch Window item value is being edited.
  9. Fixed: Debugger emulates bit-fields position error.

AtmanAvr 6.0.4 - Released: 15.Aug 2011

  1. Fixed: Program Batch Exec add Read Calibration option.
  2. Fixed: Open document always with a maximized window.
  3. Fixed: Switch window blink using Ctrl+Tab.
  4. Fixed: Program device through USB port cause USB mouse impermanency frozen on some of laptop.

AtmanAvr 6.0.3 - Released: 18.Aug 2010

  1. Fixed: AVR ISP mkII communication freezes.
  2. Fixed: Debug Watch window did not refresh display during Auto-step mode.

AtmanAvr 6.0.2 - Released: 25.Jan 2010

  1. Fixed: ProjectWizard generated code for Atmega128 ADC: ADATE undefined, should be ADFR.
  2. Fixed: Double click Output window, the TextEditor anchor error location.
  3. Fixed: Compiling previous version workspace failed.
  4. Fixed: Debug Memory window Address box, expression not work.
  5. Fixed: Output window "Progarm" tab typing error, should be "Program".
  6. Added: AT90PWM2b/3b/216/316 ProjectWizard files.

AtmanAvr 6.0.1 - Released: 08.Sep 2009

  1. Fixed: AVR ISP mkII cannot access
  2. Fixed: STK500 V2 cannot access
  3. Fixed: Global static variables cannot Watch in C++
  4. Fixed: Project wizard for more than 2 UARTs
  5. Fixed: Build Xmega devices error: cannot find -la
  6. Fixed: Debug Xmega devices crash

AtmanAvr 6.0.0 - Released: 25.Jun 2009

  1. AVRGCC tool chain: gcc-4.3.2, binutils-2.19, avr-libc-1.6.6
  2. Added: Programmer interface. Features:
    • Supports parallel and serial port banging download cables via SPI Serial Programming Interface, as well as the JTAG Interface. You can define your own parallel and serial port download cables.
    • Supports Atmel AVR910/JTAGICE/JTAGICEmkII/AVRISPmkII/AVRDragon.
    • Supports USBasp cable.
    • Read/Write Calibration Byte.
    • Read/Write Serial ID.
    • Batch programming commands.
    • Extendable device description file ( ..\pgminfo\devices.pgm ).
    • Extendable device definition file ( ..\pgminfo\device_name.pgm ).
    • Extendable programming adapter definition file ( ..\pgminfo\programmers.pgm ).
  3. Improved: Wizards
    • Generate initializtion code using bit macro definition instead of the bit mask value. More readability.
  4. Improved: Text Editor
    • Line number Tip.
    • View and locate macro and enum value and definition.
    • Completing Statements add support local variable, base class members, macro and keywords.
    • Insert File into Project context menu command.
  5. Improved: Debuger
    • Fast speed soft simulator.
    • Conditional Breakpoints.
    • Emulate C/C++ expression.
    • Trace C++ class member variable
  6. Improved: Project Settings
    • More Settings are available.
    • Supports switch C/C++ standard level ( c99 or gnu99 and so on ).
    • Supports no main function project.
    • Supports external startup file.
    • Supports custom Memory sections
  7. Improved: Workspace Window
    • Show IoView in all mode instead of in Debug mode. Easy to type IO register name in coding.
  8. Improved: CppParser and DebugParser
    • Supports full C/C++ expression.
  9. Improved: Localizing resources
    • Supports translated resources DLL named as YourLanguage.dll.
  10. Improved: Online help
    • On any Dialog box invoke Online help (F1) will lead to the specifically page.
  11. Improved: Register sequence
    • No need remain software runing to wait register code

AtmanAvr 5.8.6 - Released: 25.Sep 2007

  1. Bugs fixed.
AtmanAvr 5.8.5 - Released: 09.Jun 2007
  1. Fixed: Debugger accidentally crash.
  2. Fixed: DebugInterface window Analog page disappear when press Enter or Esc.
  3. Fixed: Workspace window IoView page display bug.
AtmanAvr 5.8.4 - Released: 26.Mar 2007
  1. Fixed: Debugger "fmulxx" instructions don't work.
  2. Fixed: TextEditor is slow while edit a overlong line.
  3. Fixed: Open Workspace dialog box default path is always "AtmaAVR\MyProjects".
AtmanAvr 5.8.3 - Released: 27.Feb 2007
  1. Fixed: ATmega640/1280/1281/2560/2561 SPI simulation error. (Thanks to Brian Kreps)
  2. Fixed: Some of Debugger windows (Keyboard, LCD and LED) are very tricky to remove when they are docking status. (Thanks to Dietmar Wendl)
  3. Fixed: Output window and Watch window H-Scrollbar error. (Thanks to Dietmar Wendl)
  4. Fixed: Find in Files does not work on Output window. (Thanks to Dietmar Wendl)
  5. Fixed: TextEdit sometimes crash. (Thanks to Torsten Koffler)
  6. Fixed: ELF parser crash if it read a nested struct/union definition. (Thanks to Xie Zhijun)

AtmanAvr 5.8.2 - Released: 16.Dec 2006

  1. Fixed: Debugger sometimes crash while loading elf file.
  2. Fixed: Simulating ATmega640/1280/1281/2560/2561 Timer/Counter5 interrupt flag register address error.
AtmanAvr 5.8.1 - Released: 21.Nov 2006
  1. Fixed: Crashed when a line is more than 4096 characters.
AtmanAvr 5.8 - Released: 23.Sep 2006
  1. Added: FileView context menu added project Rename command.
  2. Fixed: Output window always displays "ProjectName.o" when compiling a source file.
  3. Fixed: Project Save As command doesn't attach the project file extension automatically.
  4. Fixed: Creating blank project error.
  5. Fixed: Debugger loading Elf file crash. (Thanks to George Cejka)
  6. Fixed: Debugger cause memory leak in some case.

AtmanAvr 5.7 - Released: 10.Sep 2006

  1. Added: Tools command supports Argument Macros.
  2. Added: FileView context menu added project Save As command.
  3. Fixed: Wizards work unsteadily. (Thanks to Martin Šrajer)
  4. Fixed: Debugger simulate UART error if UART has Master SPI function.
  5. Fixed: Workspace IO View spelling error: "Sycle counter". (Thanks to George Cejka)
  6. Fixed: Debugger crash. (Thanks to George Cejka)
AtmanAvr 5.6 - Released: 18.Jul 2006
  1. AVRGCC tool chain updated (gcc-4.1.1, binutils-060523, avr-libc-1.4.4).
  2. Added: Supports new devices AT90usb646/647/1286/1287 and ATmega2560/2561.
  3. Added: Supports creating Blank Workspace.
  4. Fixed: Debugger parse instruction "muls" error.
  5. Fixed: ProjectWizard miss setup PLLCSR when Timer configuration selected 64MHz PCK source. (Thanks to David Sherman)
  6. Fixed: Debugger Windows always change their size when it enter the debug mode. (Thanks to Giovanni Bernazzali)
  7. Fixed: The Toolbars can't restore to normal status when it quit during debug mode.
AtmanAvr 5.5.2 - Released: 28.Apr 2006
  1. Fixed: Under some of Windows OS, fail to generate .lss file. (Thanks to Peter Sager)
  2. Fixed: Sometimes select Stop command cause crash when Debugger running.
AtmanAvr 5.5.1 - Released: 25.Apr 2006
  1. Fixed: Under some of Windows OS, DuplicateHandle(Out) failed in building process. (Thanks to Axel Beierlein)
AtmanAvr 5.5 - Released: 22.Apr 2006
  1. Fixed: In some case, build C application but part of source files compiled with C++, so cause link error. (Thanks to Klaus E. Dengler)
  2. Fixed: ClassView and FileView add multiple sub-item when press Num+ to expand the item.
  3. Fixed: Members list doesn't track the typing in Text editor.
  4. Fixed: Members list no longer appears after a successful Complete Word.
  5. Fixed: Complete Word doesn't work well with an array.
  6. Fixed: Sometimes fail to create ProjectWizard dialog box.
  7. Added: Build menu add Batch Build and Clean commands.
  8. Added: Project menu add Export Makefile command.
  9. Added: Edit menu add Go To command.
  10. Added: Project Settings add Use External Makefile option.
  11. Added: Supports exporting makefile and using external makefile.
  12. Added: Supports building multiple project configurations.
AtmanAvr 5.4 - Released: 04.Mar 2006
  1. AVRGCC tool chain updated.
    Fixed: The severe bug (faulty code generation).
  2. Fixed: Disassembly window Undo list wasn't empty.
  3. Fixed: ProjectWizard ADC module did not recognize the free running mode for the devices with Auto Trigger function. (Thanks to Bobby Örkenrud)
  4. Fixed: Debugger cannot load the data located the user defined program memory sections.
  5. Added: Reports the EEPROM memory usage factor after build.
  6. Fixed: Debugger Watch window display the register variables error if built with higher optimization levels.
  7. Added: Debugger Watch window supports dragging a symbol into it.
  8. Added: Debugger Watch window added shortcut key Delete to remove the selected symbols.
AtmanAvr 5.3.2 - Released: 14.Feb 2006
  1. Fixed: ProjectWizard timer prescaler has unwanted value PCK2/0 when select clock source TOSC1.
  2. Fixed: Evade the binutils-2.16 -Tdata bug. (Thanks to Sang_Soo Kim)
AtmanAvr 5.3.1 - Released: 22.Jan 2006
  1. Fixed: File sharing violation. (Thanks to Peter Sager)
AtmanAvr 5.3 - Released: 20.Jan 2006
  1. avrgcc tool chain (gcc-3.4.5, binutils-2.16.1, avr-libc-1.4.2).
  2. Added: Supports for new devices AT90CAN32/64, ATtiny24/44/84.
  3. Fixed: Debugger LED simulator window only first LED works when configured as common anode. (Thanks to Li Quander)
  4. Fixed: Debugger under Step Over mode does not break after executing a function if the function return via instruction "ijmp". (Thanks to Li Quander)
  5. Changed: ProjectWizard and CodeWizard use macro ISR() instead of SIGNAL()

AtmanAvr 5.2 - Released: 30.Dec 2005

  1. Fixed: Project debug option Enable Boot Reset and Enable External Memory not saved.
  2. Fixed: Debugger watch flash variables error when address > 64k.
  3. Added: Project compiler option supports all optimization level -O, -O0, -O1, -O2, -O3 and -Os. (Thanks to Peter Sager)
  4. Fixed: ProjectWizard set timer prescaler error when select clock source TOSC1.
  5. Added: Commands GotoNextErrorTag(F4) and GotoPrevErrorTag(Shift+F4) to jump quickly to the line which generates the diagnostic message. (Thanks to Kisik Kwon)
  6. Added: Improve Output window GotoErrorTag function, Double-click or GotoNextErrorTag/GotoPrevErrorTag can always jump to the correct line even if you have added or deleted lines in front of the line.
  7. Added: Find In Files supports search additional folders - compiler include folders or/and other additional folders. (Thanks to Peter Sager)
  8. Fixed: Find In Files crash if the current active window is not TextEditor.
  9. Fixed: Debugger shortcut key works unsteadily. (Thanks to William Houston)
  10. Added: BinaryEditor context menu.
AtmanAvr 5.1 - Released: 28.Nov 2005
  1. avrgcc tool chain (gcc-3.4.4, binutils-2.16.1, avr-libc-1.4.0)
  2. Fixed: Hanging up and eating memory while editing source file. (Thanks to Fredrik Marcus)
  3. Fixed: ATtiny2313 Timer1 OC1A/OC1B point to incorrect pins in Debugger and Wizards. (Thanks to Fredrik Marcus)
  4. Fixed: Open file errors. (Thanks to Peter Sager)
  5. Fixed: Crash while editing source file. (Thanks to Xu Kai, Peter Sager, Dale Wheat, Fredrik Marcus, Li Quander and George Cejka)
  6. Fixed: Debugger parse "rjmp" and "rcall" jump address error. (Thanks to Dietmar Wendl)
  7. Fixed: C++ parser can not recognise "_Bool".
  8. Fixed: Replace All action sometimes cause infinite loop. (Thanks to cgha)
  9. Fixed: Crash if build a empty project.
  10. Fixed: Debugger Disassembly window disassemble inline function line position error.
  11. Fixed: Workspace FileView pane "Sourse Files" spelling error. (Thanks to Jim Wendell)
  12. Fixed: Debugger watchdog reset sometimes crash.
  13. Fixed: Text editor ToolTips display multi-array error.
  14. Added: Debugger Watch window added shortcut key F2 and ESC to edit and exit edit symbol name. (Thanks to George Cejka)
  15. Added: Menu "Help->Check New Version Online" supports online checking the latest version of the software.
  16. Added: Properties window and Properties menu.
  17. Added: Blank project type.
  18. Fixed: Debugger speed is slow while UART receiver enabled.
  19. Fixed: Workspace FileView pane drag-drop sometimes crash. (Thanks to cgha)
  20. Added: Compiler, Debugger and Wizards add support for new devices AT90PWM2/3, ATmega329/3290/649/6490, ATtiny25/45/85, ATmega164/324/644 and ATmega640/1280/1281.
AtmanAvr 5.0 - Released: 06.Sep 2005
  1. Added: Displays the number of occurrences been replaced after Replace or Replace All. (Thanks to Steve Childress)
  2. Fixed: Macro wdt_disable() not work with attiny2313/13 and mega48/88/168. (Thanks to Steve Childress)
  3. Fixed: Debugger command Run to cursor error while CPU goto sleep. (Thanks to Li Quander)
  4. Fixed: TextEditor print a very small font size. (Thanks to Casoni)
  5. Added: TextEditor supports printing selected text. (Thanks to Casoni)
  6. Fixed: Debugger RJMP and RCALL instructions address error when out of 2k words. (Thanks to Zhuang Menghong)
  7. Changed: Moved the definitions of MCU name, MCU clock frequency and External RAM size from source file to project settings dialog box.
  8. Added: Added the definition of macro F_CPU according to the MCU clock frequency settings.
  9. Added: Auto stop Replace and Replace All commands after finished lookup whole file.
  10. Added: Workspace can contain multiple projects and their Debug and Release configurations.
  11. Added: Workspace added ClassView to display and navigate the C/C++ class, function or variable definitions and declarations in your projects.
  12. Added: WizardBar. WizardBar extends ClassView functionality by "tracking" your context, changes its display to reflect when your cursor moves from one function to another in the Text editor.
  13. Added: Binary editor. The Binary editor allows you to edit a file at the binary level in either hexadecimal or ASCII format.
  14. Added: TextEditor added commands Comment Out and Comment In to support comment and uncomment selected text. (Thanks to Peter Sager)
  15. Added: TextEditor added commands List Members and Type Info to support display valid classes, variables or functions and complete declaration for any identifier.
  16. Added: TextEditor added commands Open Document and Go to Definition.
  17. Added: Standard toolbar added Undo and Redo drop-down lists.
  18. Fixed: Debug external interrupt always run into the interrupt routines. (Thanks to Zhang Sai)
  19. Fixed: From menu Tools->AVR Studio to set AVR Studio path error when click OK button.
  20. Added: Invoke AVR Studio from menu Build->AVR Studio directly launch .aps file to AVR Studio if it is existing.
  21. Fixed: Build library projects error.
AtmanAvr 4.6 - Released: 20.Apr 2005
  1. avrgcc version 3.4.3.
  2. Fixed: ProjectWizard USART initialization, the default character size should be 8-bit.
  3. Fixed: Open .hex file to debug cause crash.
  4. Fixed: Simulating External Interrupt low level mode, the Interrupt Flag must be always 0. (Thanks to Khrulov N.)
  5. Fixed: Simulating Keyboard, if setup the "keyboard" as a multiplex 4x4 keyboard, only the last row works. (Thanks to Neil Dugan)
  6. Added: The Memory and Registers windows support mouse scroll wheel.
  7. Added: The Programmer settings supports macros __MCU, __FLASH_FILE and __EEPROM_FILE in command line. Use them to replace the actual MCU name, project.hex file and project.eep file.
  8. Fixed: The LCD initialization function lcd_init() not work with some LCDs. (Thanks to Gregory Chin)
  9. Added: TextEditor added commands Increase Indent, Decrease Indent and Toggle Whitespace Display.
  10. Fixed: Create new project crashed if selected Chip Custom in projectWizard. (Thanks to Bobby Örkenrud)
  11. Added: The Programmer settings supports different output options.
  12. Added: Improve on TextEditor smart indent.
  13. Added: TextEditor added commands Format Selection, Tabify Selection and Untabify Selection.
  14. Fixed: ProjectWizard set USART character size 9-bit error.
  15. Fixed: Click Watch window context menu Hexadecimal Display cause crash.
  16. Added: EEPROM API functions for the devices at90can128, atmega48/88/168, atmega169 and atmega165/325/3250/645/6450: eeprom_read_byte_ex(), eeprom_read_block_ex() and etc.
  17. Added: Wizards support at90can128 and atmega165/325/3250/645/6450.
AtmanAvr 4.5 - Released: 06.Nov 2004
  1. Fixed: ATmega162 USART's interrupt vectors names error in the code generated by wizards. (Thanks to Philipp Wulz)
  2. Added: Settings programmer accepts the command line programmer (e.g. Avrdude)
  3. Fixed: The Watch window not show the 'int' type name when debugging C++ projects
  4. Fixed: The software crashes when debugging .hex files
  5. Fixed: On Windows XP system, the Compiler crashes if start debugging (F5) and close the Disassembler View. (Thanks to Dietmar Wendl)
  6. Added: Find, Replace and Find in Files supports copy the certain word which the caret placed on to these dialog boxes. (Thanks to Dietmar Wendl)
  7. Added: On the Watch window, click the Name column on the empty item which contains an arrow to add a symbol. (Thanks to Dietmar Wendl)
  8. Fixed: The Debugger override the normal function of the XCK port pin when USART asynchronous mode is used. (Thanks to Li Quande)
  9. Fixed: Debugger checking USART address frames error when simulating Multi-processor Communication Mode
  10. Added: Add Contents and Index commands to menu Help
  11. Added: Invoking online help (F1) supports copy the certain word which the caret placed on to the help window Index box. (Thanks to Dietmar Wendl)
  12. Added: Open Workspace command supports opening .elf and .hex files
  13. Added: When open a .elf or .hex file to debug, the file added to Recent Workspaces list automatically and can be reopened next time
  14. Added: Add 0.128, 4.8, and 9.6MHz clock frequencies to the available list to suit new devices. (Thanks to Dale Wheat)
  15. Fixed: On Windows XP system, the software doesn't work when logged in as a user. (Thanks to Rainer Stiepel)
  16. Added: Save all opened files status when close a workspace and restore the status when reload the workspace
AtmanAvr 4.4 - Released: 29.Sep 2004

AtmanAvr 4.3 - Released: 12.Sep 2004

AtmanAvr 4.2 - Released: 25.Aug 2004

AtmanAvr 4.1 - Released: 28.Jul 2004

AtmanAvr 4.0 - Released: 30.Jun 2004

AtmanAvr 3.8 - Released: 15.Mar 2004


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